Locally made, locally sourced ingredients. A perfect companion to your gift to show you care.

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We love using ingredients sourced as locally as possible. Besides being high quality, it supports our community and boosts the local economy.

I love the silky feel of Yackandandah olive oil sourced from Indigo Valley Olives. Pumpkin Seed oil harvested and pressed here in North East Victoria, and local nut oils of Walnut, Almond, Hazelnut and Sunflower oil from the Artisan Mill in Ovens Vic. The honeyed scent of fresh beeswax from Chiltern Honey that goes into our balms and the beautiful earthiness of Australian clays that colour the soap and purify the skin.

The combination of all these beautiful elements and how we can then use it to cleanse nourish and purify the skin is completely awesome. They are all grown locally, they are organic, and using this amazing resource gives back to our farmers.


Walnut, Tree Hugger, Spice, Passion, Blush, Hippy Chick, Bliss

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